• Increased mobility, locomotor skills, stability, coordination and agility
  • Development of fundamental basic skills
  • Importance of physical activity in the time of overwhelming technologies and gadget pastime
  • Combat obesity
  • Mental concentration acquired during the karate training means an improvement in school and learning
  • Development of the self-discipline and respect towards others
  • Education in law-abiding and loyalty
  • The ability to protect oneself forms a self-confidence as a tool against the bullying
  • Karateka will never become a bully himself
  • Participation in the club which creates a feeling of belonging to the group and stimulates the self-esteem
  • Physically strong and active kids will find their place through the sport sector of Karate Ability to achieve the results in competitions although it plays a little role in practicing Karate-Do


  • Physical activity and healthy lifestyle
  • Affiliation with an old and beautiful Japanese tradition
  • Perseverance and strong spirit acquired through the Martial Art
  • Weight control
  • Reducing of chances of the cardio-vascular deceases and the stroke
  • Enhancing bone density
  • Maintaining the flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Tackling the day-to-day stress and building resistance to it
  • Reducing of the anxiety and mood disorders
  • Participation in the club and interest sharing with others
  • Helping in the rehab process