Sensei Robert Azzopardi

2nd Dan

Sensei Robert Azzopardi is one of the senior assistant instructors at B’Kara Karate Club. He assists and
also conducts training sessions for children classes as well as for the adult grades. He is also a National
Karate judge during the National Championships, and also a B’Kara Karate Club coach to our young

Robert Azzopardi

Jan 04


Sensei Robert Azzopardi got introduced to Karate when his own son started training Karate at B’Kara Karate Club. His personal enthusiasm began in 2012 however, after attending a Self-defence and Karate class organised for all the parents of B’Kara Karate Club members by Sensei Anthony Zammit. It was at that moment that Sensei Robert Azzopardi sparked interest in Karate and eagerly returned to start training Karate himself.

Apr 05



After just three years of intense and continuous training at B’Kara Karate Club, Sensei Robert Azzopardi achieved his 1st Dan in 2016, and his 2nd Dan in 2018. He kept his Karate alive by regularly attending Karate training sessions at B’Kara Karate Club, as well as participate in training seminars organised by various other Karate Sensei. Also, Sensei Robert Azzopardi has always been part of the B’Kara Karate Club team who attends international Karate Training seminars on a regular basis.