marvic sammut
Sensei Marvic Sammut

3rd Dan

Always willing to learn and cross-train, Sensei Marvic Sammut’s karate voyage is guided by a modified
view on 3K Karate: Kata (technique and athleticism), Kata (form and history), Kata (applied).

Marvic sammut

Mar 02


Sensei Marvic Sammut commenced his Karate experience in 2002 at B’Kara Karate Club. He started attending sessions in Shotokan Karate under the lead of Sensei Anthony Zammit.

Jul 13


Sensei Marvic Sammut always attended his Karate training sessions, graded with good grades, and eventually was promoted to 1st Dan in 2010. His interest in Karate enhanced from then on.

Unfortuantely for B’Kara Karate Club, Sensei Marvic Sammut life choices pushed him towards relocating to Germany before he could take up his next Karate grading in Malta.

Without any doubt, Sensei Marvic Sammut found a Karate dojo in Germany were he could continue his practice and Karate journey. He keeps visiting B’Kara Karate Club when returning to Malta for holidays or work-related trips, ensuring he remains in contact with Sensei Anthony Zammit.

May 14


In 2014, Sensei Marvic Sammut achieved his 2nd Dan in Germany. Along the years, Sensei Marvic Sammut was introduced to a different style of Karate than he was originally accustomed to, and in 2016, he was introduced for the first time to Smart Shito Ryu.

Oct 17


He was promoted to 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate in 2017 under the tuition of Club Karate Sport Club Nürnberg DKV affiliated to the German Karate Federation.